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Premier Financial Brokerage is committed to being one of the leading providers of investment solutions to investors in corporate as well as retail segments.

Fixed Income Service

Our managed portfolio offers directly held bonds, without the need of investing directly in equities; thus avoids direct risk and also aid in providing a predictable income. Unlike a bond fund, you maintain complete visibility over each and every bond included in your portfolio. Furthermore, you will also be able to maintain visibility over timing and amounts of any principal repayments. We have the ability to pay out any income directly to your bank account.

Service is designed for those seeking an income in addition to what's offered by a bank and who are also prepared to take additional risks. It may also appeal to those looking to diversify a larger portfolio comprising other asset classes, such as equities. Fixed Income Service is designed to provide investors with a reasonable/achievable levels of income, without taking as much risk and without the levels of volatility you might expect when investing directly in equities. We do this via a portfolio of carefully selected individual fixed income securities/bonds.

Managed Portfolio Service

We are committed to your satisfaction and this is made possible by our personal Portfolio Managers. Relationship with a Portfolio Manager aids in taking right decisions at the right time. Always make sure you enjoy peace of mind that comes from having a direct connection to the person making investment decisions in your portfolio on your behalf, while you will have more time to pursue other goals and interests.

It's a win-win situation.

You are directly in touch with the person managing your investments, yet are not required to oversee each decision. These are handled by your Portfolio Manager whom you've entrusted to manage your investments on a discretionary basis.

Special Situations Portfolio

Looking to invest in SMEs? Special Situations Portfolio is the answer.

Special Situations Portfolio is a managed service that invests specifically into small and medium sized enterprises offering the potential for avid capital growth. The service seeks returns by looking for companies that have the ability to increase in value regardless of the wider economic backdrop. This service allows you to enjoy direct access to investment opportunities that are not usually made available to retail investors and new-issues/secondary market issuances.

The Special Situations Portfolio is suitable for anyone looking to invest for the medium to long term, prepared to take a higher degree of risk, and looking to invest in small-mid capital companies in pursuit of faster capital growth. Our Special Situations team has an experience of over 20 years across the small-mid level market contributors. Our team operates in distributed structure, handling accounts of 10-15 stocks per portfolio. This structure allows the team to be more agile, able to buy and sell smaller amounts of shares which ables them to move in and out of positions very quickly. The team constructs portfolios on a bottom up basis, assuming a neutral macroeconomic backdrop; thus avoiding investments in the most cyclical sectors such as financials and property.

Leading brokerage firm in UAE

Primer Financial Brokerage is one of the leading brokerage firm in UAE, providing a comprehensive range of investor focused services, including equity brokerage, economic and securities research and financial advisory services. We have helped diversify and expand the retail investor base in the country and ushered in a whole new universe of investors to the stock market.


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